Managing chronic kidney disease (CKD)

I am writing this blog to help owners and highlight the importance of understanding kidney disease, as CKD involves a long term relationship with the pet owner and the veterinary team. Good understanding means good compliance which equals the best outcome for the animal.

In most cases of chronic renal failure, treatment is symptomatic and supportive as unfortunately CKD is not reversible.  Patients sometimes require intravenous fluid therapy (a drip) to help correct dehydration and possible electrolyte imbalances initially.  Once they are stable the main concern is to support the kidneys there after and there are a number of ways that the vets and the owners can do to this by working together to optimise the animals quality of life and increase life expectancy.

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Obese pets – What are the risks?

We all love our pets dearly and giving them treats and extra food they enjoy makes us feel happy that we are pleasing them but are we killing our pets with kindness?

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Wishing all our Clients and Patients a very Happy Christmas and New Year !



We started incubating the six fertilised legbar (the breed of mum and dad chicken!) on the 1st October in an incubator at 37.5 c and 45% humidity. We turned them 5 times a day so the embryo didn’t stick to the egg membrane.







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Vet’s Dogs Need Treatment Too – Kitsu’s Day At The Vets

My dog Kitsu is a 3 year old female Japanese Shiba inu. She can be stubborn and mischievous, but always brightens my day.

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My Six Months at New Zealand Bird Rescue



From February to September last year I was lucky enough to be able to spend 9 Months living and working in the incredible country of New Zealand.

After spending 2 years enjoying the beauty of Australia, New Zealand would be an interesting change of scenery, and turned out to be so incredibly different from the harsh landscape of Australia.

I spent most of my time in Auckland working for the council, but on Sundays I would spend my day volunteering with the amazing variety of Birds at New Zealand Bird Rescue a brilliant charity run by an incredible group of volunteers and founders.

New Zealand Bird rescue is unique in that it does not discriminate against any bird, all are welcome from the native New Zealand birds like the Tui to the common house sparrow. 

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