We started incubating the six fertilised legbar (the breed of mum and dad chicken!) on the 1st October in an incubator at 37.5 c and 45% humidity. We turned them 5 times a day so the embryo didn’t stick to the egg membrane.










At day 10 we put a bright light to the egg to see if there was an embryo inside. We could see chicks in three of them.






At day 12 we removed two eggs as not fertile and starting to smell!






At day 19 we stopped turning the eggs and increased humidity to 75%. At day 20 we could hear the chicks chirping inside the egg!. On day 20 our first egg piped ( made a hole in the shell).















He rested for 12 hours after this and then struggled out of his shell in Katy’s hands. The next two hatched overnight on day 21.

The legbars are an autosexed breed which means the chicks are different colours. The girls look like chipmunks and the boys are lighter brown and cream coloured.

Within 24 hours they are all eating and sleeping under a special piece of equipment called a broody hen! It’s like an upside down heat mat that’s like sitting underneath their mum.























This lovely blog was written by our nurse Mel :)

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