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Ticks – what, where and when

Ticks are small parasites – they look a little bit like spiders as they have 8 legs, and they feed on blood.

They do not have wings and they cannot jump. They travel by walking on the ground and up plants from where they latch onto their prey with specially designed hooks on their legs. An unfed tick is approximately 3mm (sesame-seed-size) and small, oval and flat. After a blood meal, a tick can reach 11mm in diameter with the grey/brown body extending out from the back of the thorax.

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Why does my pet’s breath smell so bad?

This along with other questions you may have asked yourself, could be: ‘Why is my cat only licking the gravy/jelly of the food?’ or ‘why does my pet make a funny noise when eating?’.




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Top 5 Tips for Successful Postoperative At-Home Care for your Pets.

The outcome of a surgical procedure is often determined after a patient leaves the practice because most postoperative healing and recovery happen at home, under the owners care.

post op1

Please make sure that you are very clear on all the following important points, so you can understand what your pet needs and because gaps in the after care can complicate and extend patient recovery:




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My Cat Snores

My Cat Snores – Is it Normal?


Snoring is very common (about 50% of the human population snore apparently!).

If the noise is not changing, i.e. not getting worse, and there are no other signs like a snuffly nose, change in appetite, no sneezing or coughing etc., then it is most likely nothing to worry about.

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What makes my pet happy? :)


Have you ever wondered whether your pet is happy? Most pet owners will probably immediately answer ‘yes’, but how can you be sure? What signs are you using to tell you that he or she is?

Most pets are loved and treated as one of the family. In many cases this love leads to good treatment—but what about a dog that’s on its own all day while its owners are out at work? Or a budgie alone in a cage?

Are these pets happy? Do they have good welfare, or a good quality of life?


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