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My Cat Snores

My Cat Snores – Is it Normal?


Snoring is very common (about 50% of the human population snore apparently!).

If the noise is not changing, i.e. not getting worse, and there are no other signs like a snuffly nose, change in appetite, no sneezing or coughing etc., then it is most likely nothing to worry about.

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Bruno’s weight loss story :)


This is Bruno, how fantastic does he look! Bruno didn’t always look like this. His previous owners were an older couple who became unwell and due to a combination of over feeding and limited exercise (definitely not lack of love!) Bruno gradually became extremely overweight.

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An RVN Abroad

I have worked abroad voluntarily twice, once in Thailand and once in India. The charity in Thailand is called Lanta Animal Welfare on Koh Lanta and in India I worked for ARC (Animal Rescue Centre) in Palolem, Goa.
The aim for both charities is to reduce the stray population  numbers, minimise pain and suffering, educate local people and try to eliminate the incidence of transmissible diseases (in particular, Rabies).
Animal charities in developing countries face many challenges; animal welfare is considered very low priority when people are struggling to survive themselves.  Local people are scared of the stray populations due to disease transmission and therefore the animals are treated very badly – this problem can only be addressed by education & vaccination.  Many people also trap and catch wild and sometimes rare animals to sell or keep as pets, which then become frustrated and vicious in their poor captive conditions.

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Capturing an escaped hamster

Escaped hamster

Hamsters can come to harm or even suffer a fatal accident if they escape from their cage, so should a hamster escape it is vital to capture it and return it to the safety of its cage as soon as possible. However, escaped hamsters can often be difficult to find, so it may be necessary to set a humane trap as follows to capture it.

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Sylvester and the Rat Poison!

We know it is starting to cool down so you are less likely to see rats but all owners please be aware rat poison is still out there and is very dangerous to your animals.

Rat Poison does not just affect rats, it can be lethal to cats and dogs (and other pets) too.

We recently has a cat named ‘Sylvester’ bought in by his owner who was afraid he had found and eaten some rat poison. The owner was great and called us straight away so we were able to take precautionary measures against the possible poisoning.

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Alcombe Small Mammal Club


At each of the Alcombe clinics we have staff who are take a special interest in rabbits and guinea pigs and all of the other ‘small furries’ such as hamsters and gerbils which are often kept as childrens’ pets. We have now formed a special interest group within the Practice, so we can focus on working together to help you give all your pets the best care.

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