Grooming Information Sheet

At Alcombe, we want to keep your pet in tip top condition and comfort, offering grooming services such as nail clipping, ear cleaning, brushing, and clipping or dematting for medical or hygiene purposes. Please speak to our receptionists for the associated prices, or call us on 0208 755 3144.

While we will make every attempt to perform the grooming to the best of our ability, we are only able to do so within the limits of your pet’s stress levels and/or pain tolerance. Staff retain the right to decide to stop a grooming procedure in the conscious animal if it is proving too stressful, or dangerous for the pet or staff member.


For pets that are unable to be groomed at home or by a professional due to temperament, we offer the above services under sedation. This is subject to the approval of one of our veterinary surgeons at a pre-procedure check-up, which must be within 2 weeks of the procedure.


For clipping or dematting, please note that while we aim to provide the most aesthetically pleasing clips, we are not professionally trained in grooming. As such, we only offer the following:


  1. Hygiene clip – All fur around the genital area is clipped, and the coat is brushed through.


  1. Simple dematt – All matts are clipped off and the remaining coat is brushed through, which may result in a patchy looking coat.


  1. Full dematt / Lion clip – All fur on the body is clipped off except for: the tip of the tail (or entire tail), the lower legs, and the head and neck. Please see the photos below for an example of a lion clip. While every care is taken when clipping, dematting can sometimes result in small skin nicks and skin irritation due to the closeness of the shave.


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