Why does my pet’s breath smell so bad?

This along with other questions you may have asked yourself, could be: ‘Why is my cat only licking the gravy/jelly of the food?’ or ‘why does my pet make a funny noise when eating?’.




These problems could indicate a problem with your pet’s teeth and gums. Like humans pets do need to have their teeth looked after otherwise they can become diseased and very painful if left without treatment.

What you can do to help?

  • Check your pets teeth regularly! You can do this at home yourself, or one of our Veterinary surgeons or Registered Veterinary Nurses would be happy to check for you.
  • Try to start brushing your pets teeth. Yes, just like us! Brushing teeth helps to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.











  • Watch out for signs that your pets teeth are diseased and sore: Bad breath, weight loss, drooling or dropping food from the mouth, pet shies away when you touch around the mouth area and disinterest in normal food.


What next?

If you are concerned about your pets teeth, please book an appointment with a Veterinary Surgeon. They will look at your pets teeth as best they can and then advise you on the best course of action for your pet. If a dental problem flags up in the physical examination further treatment may be required.

This would usually involve a general anaesthetic so that we can have a really good look in your pets mouth, at their teeth and gums. The teeth are examined to see if there are any cavities or tooth damage and decay. Any teeth that are rotten or may cause further problems are removed. The remaining teeth are then scaled and polished – this is a process to remove any tartar and plaque.

Many pet owners are shocked at the amount of teeth we may have to remove but cats and dogs cope REALLY well with less teeth sometime even NO teeth!

Then after you pet receives dental treatment is is essential to keep on top of your pets teeth and gum health. Things to help post dental include: teeth brushing, special dental diets and additives to put on food or into water.



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