Puppy socialisation

Why is it so important and how do I do it?!

In puppies, the window of opportunity for the socialisation stage closes around 16 – 17 weeks of age.

After this if puppies are not well socialised already may become fearful of unfamiliar people, objects and noise. This could ultimately lead to aggression through fear.

Socialisation should start as soon as possible – with the breeder!

This can be a delicate process, especially if the puppy has come from a quite home, or an outside kennel or barn.

How do I socialise my puppy when they can’t go outside? – This is a very common question.  Socialising at the vets is great!! Alcombe’s offer puppy progress classes with a nurse, as well as getting the puppies together to socialise in a safe environment – each clinic offer slightly different times and parties, so ask your local branch! Puppies can also meet fully vaccinated dogs before they are allowed out, but you must be sure they are defiantly up to date ie had a booster vaccination within the year. This must be with sociable, friendly dogs only.

Meeting all different types of people, load and quiet is great for the puppy, as well as children of all ages. The important thing to remember is that puppies get tired quickly so a little bit of socializing a day is enough.

The dogs trust has a great free download on their website ‘sounds scary’ which can help your puppy adjust to different noises. This also has to be done in small doses – have a look at their page for their advice and their free download!



So, the more your puppy has opportunity to be sociable, the better, confidant dog you will have! If you don’t have time to come for any puppy progress consultations, pop in and ask for a puppy socialisation chart so you can tick off how much your puppy is doing – but remember, go slowly!!!!



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