Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month

The month of May is veterinary nurse awareness month. It is a campaign that was started by the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) originally in 2005 as a National Veterinary Nurse Day and in 2012 it progressed to a whole month long campaign every May.

The purpose of the campaign is to inform the public of the important role that veterinary nurses have in a veterinary practice and to raise awareness of what that role entails.

Veterinary nurses have a very diverse role and a typical day in practice can entail any and or all of the following!


  • Taking bloods, running in-house bloods or sending away to the external laboratory,












  • monitoring anaesthetics and sedations,

















  • nursing the patients who have been hospitalised,
















  • taking radiographs,















  • performing admissions and discharges for the surgical patients,
  • answering the telephone,
  • assembling the prescriptions,
  • suture removals

















  • setting up intravenous fluid therapy,
  • catheters, administering medications,















  • assisting the vet in consultations,
  • running nurse clinics,















  • cleaning, scaling and polishing teeth,
  • advising clients over the phone and in person and

















  • processing insurance claims.

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