Vet’s Dogs Need Treatment Too – Kitsu’s Day At The Vets

My dog Kitsu is a 3 year old female Japanese Shiba inu. She can be stubborn and mischievous, but always brightens my day.

Like most dogs, at some point in their life she needed a scale and polish to remove tartar and plaque from her teeth in order to keep them healthy. This is a behind the scenes look at some things the day held for her!

Left image: A slightly confused Kitsu was starved from 8pm the night before so here stomach was empty prior to the anaesthetic.

Right image: She was then given a ‘premedication injection’, the first part of the anaesthetic to help her to relax prior to the full anaesthetic being induced.

Left image: Laura was the nurse monitoring Kitsu under anaesthetic. Dogs unlike people, always need a full general anaesthetic for dental procedures to ensure a thorough job can be performed.

Right image: Here I am scaling and polishing Kitsu’s teeth. This removes the layer of bacteria and minerals on the surface of the teeth to keep the gums and teeth healthy.

Kitsu recovering well in the kennel closely nursed by Laura. She was sitting up within 10 minutes but looked a bit confused about what had happened!

Enjoying some post-dental cuddles with her pleased vet/owner!

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