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Alcombe Small Mammal Club


At each of the Alcombe clinics we have staff who are take a special interest in rabbits and guinea pigs and all of the other ‘small furries’ such as hamsters and gerbils which are often kept as childrens’ pets. We have now formed a special interest group within the Practice, so we can focus on working together to help you give all your pets the best care.

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Alison returns to Alcombe!

Alison Charlton

We are thrilled to let you know that we have Alison Charlton VN back working with us. She has taken on the role of ‘Head Nurse and Branch Manager’ at Whitton. Alison is very excited to be back and will be enrolling on a ‘Practice Management’ course in September 2013 for her to gain further qualifications in her new role.

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