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‘Ralph’ has been missing from W7 2EN since December 2014. He is a 9 year old grey DSH cat, microchipped but no collar. Neutered.

Please call Tom Sargent on 07977455535.


Although hedgehogs used to be one of the most frequently seen British mammals, unfortunately their numbers are in decline and they are becoming endangered.

They are insectivours which means that they eat lots of our garden pests, including: slugs, snails, beetles, worms amongst other insects. You may feed tinned dog or cat food. But must NOT feed anything else especially bread or milk, as their digestive systems cannot cope with these foods.

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Holiday hazards

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe and happy over the holiday season.

Festive foods

One of the best things about the holidays is all the food! However please be aware that certain human foods can be toxic or even fatal to our pets. Pets can also become ill from eating fatty foods (like meat drippings, turkey skin, large amounts of cheese or butter) or getting into kitchen garbage. Particularly dangerous foods include, but are not limited to: macadamia nuts, chocolate, and sugar free candy and gum and puddings.

If you think your pet has ingested any of these foods, call a veterinarian or emergency clinic! Prompt treatment is the best way to prevent or manage toxicity.

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MISSING | Ginger cat with one eye

Big, male entire cat named ‘Arnie’.

He is microchipped, but has no collar. Missing for 2 days.

Please contact his owner, Adam on 07733 338 416

MISSING | Silver tabby cat name ‘Paws’

He is a tall neutered male with a brown round nose and mouth. Quite tall and skinny. Really friendly. No microchip, no collar. Dribbles when happy.

Missing since Sun 30th Nov from Nelson Road.

Please contact his owner, Vicky on 07572 500 205