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Lovely words from a client about our Whitton Surgery

Mrs Belinda Campbell 20-06 2015 via website contact 
Thank you so very much for always looking after Cheekie & Larry to  the 
highest of standards and to the best of your abilities. All of the staff at  
Alcombe in Whitton are so lovely, professional, caring, knowledgeable and  
reassuring at all times. Thank you so much, forever grateful, BC

Choosing the right puppy


Where should I look?

  • If you are willing to rescue an unwanted puppy contact local rescue centres and charities such as Battersea Dogs Home. If you are set on getting a pedigree puppy contact the Kennel Club or breed societies for lists of registered breeders.
  • Gumtree and other online sites provide no guarantee on whether the sellers are telling the truth. They can be used as an intermediate for people from puppy farms or illegally importing animals that are passed off as something else.


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Microchipping Month

Alcombe Vets Microchipping

This June is microchipping awareness month and here at the Alcombe veterinary clinics we are actively promoting microchipping for all cats and dogs.

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Silver and Grey DSH – LOST

Lost cat on Mon 01 June in the early hours of the morning.

Has not been home for food since.

Silver and grey DSH – No collar

Please contact Angela Mitchell if found – 07545011363

28 Newton Road



Flystrike in rabbits

What is it?

Flystrike is used to describe a severe condition resulting from maggot infestation. The condition is caused by the fly Lucilia sericata; otherwise known as the green bottle fly. These flies are active during the spring, summer and autumn months and are attracted to damp fur which is has been soiled with urine or faeces.

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