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Tips for collecting a Urine sample from your pet

The Veterinary Surgeon on occasion may ask you to collect a urine sample from your pet. This can seem like a bit of a daunting thing to do so here are some tips on how you can do this at home with your cat, or while out walking your dog!


The first thing to note is that a fresh sample is always best for the Veterinary Surgeon/ Veterinary Nurse or laboratory to analyse the sample. So fresher the better!

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Lost cat – Osterley area – Tabby



Phineas has gone missing in the Osterley area.

He is a domestic short haired feline, tabby in colour, 2 years old, neutered male,  and he is micro-chipped.

Was on his way to ‘The Lions Den Cattery’ for a holiday while his owners away. He usually lives in Isleworth so please keep an eye out for him.

If found please call the cattery on 0208 568 0013 if before 28/7/15, or please call the owner on 07956 454837

Lost Cat – Osterley branch – Ginger and white

Since Friday 10th July Tibbles has been missing

Male Neutered

Ginger with white bib and tummy

Green eyes

No chip / No collar



Please contact Larishiya Dias  with any information on

28 Corporation Drive





Taking good care of your rabbit – Part 1


 rabbit part 1 1

What should my rabbit hutch and run be like? Choose the Right home!

Did you know that a wild rabbit’s territory is equivalent to around 30 tennis courts? Running around such large areas every day keeps wild rabbits fit and healthy, so we need to give our pet rabbits the opportunity to have lots of exercise too.

Imagine how you would feel if you were locked up in a tiny room all day where you couldn’t stretch or exercise? You would quickly become very bored, miserable and frustrated. It’s no different for rabbits either.

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Travelling abroad with your pet this summer



We all know that our pets are just as much part of the family as anyone else – so why leave them behind when you go on your holidays!?
The PETS travel scheme which came up with pet passports to allow dogs, cats and ferrets to be taken with you on holidays to Europe.

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Osterley Surgery – Blue British Shorthair


“Mungo” is microchipped and wearing a collar

Intire Male – Blue British Shorthair

2 yrs old

Please contact Mr Faisal Saleem

107 Sutton Road TW5 OPN