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5 Things This Tech Wishes You Knew Before Euthanizing

This lovely blog was written by  KELSEY BETH CARPENTER who is a Registered Veterinary Technician in America. This is the equivalent to a Registered Veterinary Nurse in the UK.

It was written on January 18, 2016 For Pet Lovers


Euthanasia. The word itself makes all our stomachs drop. It is a gift to pets and a curse to owners – having the power to decide is something we are not comfortable with. However, when going through the euthanasia process with your own pets, you are in a position to make numerous decisions that can change the course of the overall process.

As a Registered Veterinary Technician, I witness euthanasias on a daily basis. Let me share from personal experience the 5 things I wish every pet owner knew.

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12-month pet insurance policies

12-month pet insurance policies are also known as time limited policies.

Pet insurance

What is covered?

There are two elements to these types of policies:
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Have you seen Ivy?



Please help us to find our cat.
Name: Ivy
Colour: White/Tabby

Missing: Monday 18th January

2016 from the Osterley area


Please can you check your gardens/garages where she may have been trapped.



If found, please contact:
Gwyn Secombe: 07534 977 969

Bruno’s weight loss story :)


This is Bruno, how fantastic does he look! Bruno didn’t always look like this. His previous owners were an older couple who became unwell and due to a combination of over feeding and limited exercise (definitely not lack of love!) Bruno gradually became extremely overweight.

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Maximum benefit pet insurance policies

Maximum benefit policies are also known as money limited policies or per condition policies.


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Lovely comments and recommendations from clients

We have been getting some lovely comments and recommendations from Clients and the local community recently that  we wanted to share  with you.

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