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When the time comes to say goodbye

(Advice from Ellen Moore RVN.)

Young Cat Cat Heart Kitten Christmas Grey Pet

Having grown up with pets my entire life, I’ve had to deal with the inevitable heartbreak of saying goodbye to them. Especially when the younger ones were taken before their time, but also each and every time, both personally and professionally,  I can assure you that it doesn’t get any easier.

People often ask me how do we do this part of our job and in all honesty, it’s because we can. We can take away the pain, but no, it doesn’t get any easier. This is why Vets have one of the highest suicide rates – because it’s just so difficult to bear the responsibility and heartache.

This is never going to be an easy topic to write about, let alone read. But unfortunately, it is a topic that is often ignored or glazed over until your pet is old and poorly or the worst happens suddenly. And then you’re standing in the consulting room with the Vet, unprepared, having to make one of the hardest decisions of your life.

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