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Lovely comments and recommendations from clients

We have been getting some lovely comments and recommendations from Clients and the local community recently that  we wanted to share  with you.

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Lovely message from Cosmo’s owner

Cosmo went to see Alex at our Ealing surgery over the Christmas and New Year period and here is a lovely message we received from his owner.

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A lovely client survey filled out for our Osterley Surgery

A lovely client who visits our Osterley surgery has filled in one of our client surveys and said some

lovely things about the surgery and the staff:

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Compliments from a client

Miss Moore- with Buffy, Tabitha and Tiny

How was your experience here with us?

I am very pleased with out experience here, they are all very kind and helpful.

Who did you see?

Kieran, Alison and Laura

Lovely words from a client about our Whitton Surgery

Mrs Belinda Campbell 20-06 2015 via website contact 
Thank you so very much for always looking after Cheekie & Larry to  the 
highest of standards and to the best of your abilities. All of the staff at  
Alcombe in Whitton are so lovely, professional, caring, knowledgeable and  
reassuring at all times. Thank you so much, forever grateful, BC

Testimonial For our Whitton team

Mrs Stubbs – regarding Zoe

How was your experience here with us?

Excellent,  very kind and experienced staff to help with Diabetic cat.

Who did you see?

All the staff – Adam, Ali, Amelia, Kieran, Emma and Laura