Streetvet- Helping homeless people and their companions

I have recently been volunteering at a charity called Streetvet. They were set up in 2016 to help provide veterinary care to the growing number of homeless people and their pets across London. They have since set up a network of volunteers across the country from Bristol to Manchester.

Often homeless people with pets aren’t eligible to get back into permanent housing. This can lead to people and their pets staying on the street long-term without veterinary care.

Streetvet do not encourage new pet ownership in these cases however they will provide care for those animals already on the streets. They provide flea, worming, vaccinations and basic veterinary care to those animals in need. They also work with other organisations such as the Blue Cross, the RSPCA and Goddards Veterinary Group to provide more comprehensive veterinary care such as neutering and other surgical procedures.

Personally I have met some amazing dogs and people with interesting and sometimes sad stories. I have found it heartwarming to see the mutual companionship which people on the street get from their pets. Pixie, the dog in the photo was a regular at the Clapham  Streetvet and was always very excited to come and see us.

Streetvet are an independent charity so rely on vets and vet nurses to donate their time and expertise. They rely on the public for funding and donations. If you are interested to find out more please look on their excellent website.


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