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Pet Health Care Plan

Our Pet Care Plan allows you to spread out the cost of caring for your pet at a discounted rate, ensuring their essential healthcare needs are taken care of.

This includes vaccinations, regular health checks, annual preventative treatments and expert advice.

Pet Care Plan offers you the simplest way to provide the level of health care we will always recommend as the Gold Standard approach to helping your pet stay healthy and happy throughout their life.

What’s included:

  • Health Check & Annual Vaccination
  • Six Month Health Check
  • A year’s Supply of Worming Control
  • Kennel Cough (Dogs Only)
  • A year’s supply of Flea Control

PLUS 10% off discount off consultations, neutering*, food, Seresto collars (tick prevention) and dentals (scale & polish)

* One pet per plan. Costs vary depending on the type of animal.
* Includes in-house services only.

Simple monthly instalments Exclusive Discounts Essential Pet Healthcare

Interested in registering your pet with us? Get in touch today!

*Preventative health plans are different from insurance cover. We recommend you have full insurance and preventative health plans to ensure your pet has the best all round protection.