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Meet the team From Our Ealing surgery

3 Vets, 4 nurses, 3 receptionists, Practice & Nursing Managers

The Ealing team have a wealth of expertise at your service and also the resources to work together to care for your pets every day of the week 362 days of the year.

Dr Alex Morley

Dr Alex Morley MA VetMB MRCVS Clinical Director, Senior Veterinary Surgeon

After graduating in 2008 from Cambridge, I worked for 5 years in a mixed small and large animal practice in Hertfordshire gaining a wide range of experience, an inspiring start and firm basis for my chosen career.

I then decided to broaden my experience by working as a locum for 2 years in a number of different veterinary practice settings. For my last year of locum work, I was mostly at Alcombe vets. I found the team here very professional, caring and friendly and was happy to finally settle into a permanent role again as head Vet at the Ealing practice.

I'm particularly keen on surgery (especially orthopaedics) and also enjoy cardiology and heart scanning. In my spare time I enjoy playing Squash, gardening when the weather allows and when it doesn’t I can generally be found in front of a computer – usually with my cat Dexter lying on the keyboard preventing too much productivity!

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Dr Arran J Smith

Dr Arran J Smith BVSc MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Since graduation I have been working in Horsham, West Sussex at a 7 Vet small animal Practice and enjoying providing a very high standard of patient and client care.

I considered moving to London and decided on Alcombe because I found it to be the friendliest and one of the best equipped Practices I came across.

I enjoy all parts of being a general Practice Vet. I do particularly enjoy medicine – especially endocrinology and gastroenterology. The variety of each day is one of the best parts of the profession for me.

I even spent some time as a student doing voluntary work at a tortoise sanctuary in Mevagissey, Cornwall.

In my spare time I enjoy squash (including coaching during my university years), football, fencing and swimming. I also enjoy travel – and have spent time in Peru and Brazil.

For my own pets, I think it is possible to be both a cat person and a dog person however I must admit that the wagging tails and enthusiasm that dogs have for life is just too endearing to ignore. I grew up with a Lhasa Apso named Ollie and a Shih Tzu named Oscar, so have always had a soft spot for small fuffy pets. Ollie was very stubborn but it was impossible to be angry with a cute face like his for long.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Dr Alexandra Brown

Dr Alexandra Brown iBSc BVetMed MRCVS Senior Veterinary Surgeon

I qualified from The Royal Veterinary College in London in 2005. I have been working Saturdays for Alcombe in Ealing since 2013.

I enjoy all areas of general practice and have a special interest in rabbits and rodents.

I have collected an assortment of animals looking for a home throughout my career, including adopting rats (Cadbury and Bourneville) from a client who had developed an allergy to them, and fostering an unwell feral kitten (Mo) for the Cats Protection until she was a healthy and loving pet.

I have always been desperate for a dog and would have a smallholding with every animal if I could!

I love being part of the great Ealing team. The lovely clientele and patients at Alcombe's make working here a pleasure.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Mary Bruno

Mary Bruno VN Practice Manager

Hello, I'm Mary Bruno, Practice Manager at Alcombe Veterinary Surgery.

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1980 and have worked at the surgery since 1985 when I was the first Veterinary Nurse employed by the Practice. I enjoyed my nursing role but transferred to management after the birth of my sons. I enjoy the friendly working atmosphere of Alcombe Veterinary Surgery where the client & patient needs are always a primary consideration.

I have owned several dogs as pets over the years and have a particular interest in dog training and behaviour. My current pets are crossbreed "Rosie" and Jack Russell Terrier "Jazmin".

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Kate Syms

Kate Syms Receptionist

I joined Alcombe, Ealing, as one of the Reception team in 2008. Although I had no previous experience of working with animals, my family has always had pets including cats, dogs, hamsters, mice and a rabbit.

We now have an English Bull Terrier called Dolly (lovely but very badly behaved) and Lettice the cat.

Working at Alcombe means I am very involved with my local community, allowing me to get to know the people and their pets, whilst providing a front of house service for a dedicated, hardworking team of vets and nurses.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Debbie Shakespeare

Debbie Shakespeare Receptionist

Hello I'm Debbie, I have been working for Alcombe vets now for ten years or more!

I enjoy working on reception as I get to meet so many wonderful pets and their caring owners. I have owned dogs all my life - my obsessive love being for the loyal and distinctive Shar pei breed.

My last little boy was Rocco, whom I had the privilege of owning for only four short years. Sadly I lost him to a genetic disease but he was loved so much I wouldn’t swap those four years for the world; he will be in my heart always.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Ellen Moore

Ellen Moore RVN Head Veterinary Nurse

Hi I'm Ellen, I began training to become a Veterinary Nurse when I was 17 - I've always wanted to work with animals and I honestly could not imagine doing anything else, After gaining practical experience being employed in a Veterinary Practice, I started an Animal Nursing Assistant course. I then went on to complete my NVQ2 and NVQ3 in Veterinary Nursing.

I was very proud to have qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2012. I love being part of the recovery process and helping our patients back to full health and also building happy relationships and bonding with the patients and clients.

I started locuming for Alcombe in January 2015 and was very happy to become part of such a wonderful team of Vets and Nurses. In March 2015 I applied and became employed full time by Alcombe.

I like working for Alcombe because everyone is very friendly, hardworking and supportive of each other. I also like leading the nursing team at the Ealing Branch especially, as I can take time to get to know the clients and their pets very well which helps with part of their continuing care.

At home I have two cats, Eddie and Justin (don't laugh!) I take a special interest in hand-rearing kittens as I hand reared Eddie and many others during my training and I find it a very rewarding experience. In my spare time I like to cycle, take long walks, socialise with my friends and family, or read a good book.

Osterley Surgery 020 8758 0400
Ffion Lewis

Ffion Lewis RVN Deputy Head Nurse

Hi I'm Ffion a registered veterinary nurse and the Deputy Head Nurse here at Ealing. I really enjoy working at Alcombe because of the lovely and supportive team. I have a particular interest in surgical nursing and emergency and critical care.

I am currently undertaking a certificate in emergency and critical care, which I am very much enjoying learning and developing new skills and knowledge, which I can bring to the whole veterinary team.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Mel Goldsmith

Mel Goldsmith RVN Registered Veterinary Nurse

I'm Mel. I started working at Alcombe Vets in 1985 as an evening helper at the Ealing Branch, I moved to Whitton when the Surgery opened to train as a Veterinary Nurse and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1999. I became Head Nurse at the Whitton Surgery and left in 2005 to become a Full time foster carer.

I have hand reared many kittens over the years. At home I have chickens, tortoises, cats and a dog. I now Locum within the Alcombe Surgery group. I particularly enjoy seeing many of the clients that I have known for many years and their pets.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Rebecca Pereira

Rebecca Pereira Receptionist

Hello, I'm Rebecca, I joined Alcombe as a receptionist in January 2018. I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BSc in Bioveterinary Science. Following this I embarked on an MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases at the Royal Veterinary College where I also worked for a year as a research assistant. I still wanted to pursue my passion for being able to help sick animals and their owners, so I decided to go on to study Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey. I am currently in third year.

I have expereince of working in various veterinary practices from small animals to farm animals. Since joining Alcombe, I have enjoyed meeting the lovely clients and their pets as well as working with the friendly and welcoming team.

I love all animals but do have a soft spot for cats having six rescue cats at home, that keep me busy! Outside of work and studies, I enjoy taking dance classes and horse riding.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Máire Byrne

Máire Byrne VN Veterinary Nurse

Hi, My name is Máire. I grew up in county Galway in Ireland and I've always wanted to work with animals. I did my veterinary nursing degree in Letterkenny Institute of Technology in County Donegal. I came to the UK 9 months ago and started my career working in a small animal clinic in the south of London.

I came over to the UK to work as a veterinary nurse as I wanted to expand my knowledge in veterinary. I registered as a veterinary nurse in 2016.

At home in Ireland I have two cats which are called Felix and Molly and are both Domestic Shorthairs. I also have two dogs. One is a retired guide dog and is called Ursa. She is cross between a Labrador and a retriever. My other dog is called Jenny and is a cross between a retriever and a collie.

In my spare time I enjoy visiting home, catching up with friends and going to the cinema. I find being a nurse is rewarding as I love making a bond with the animals and their owners. I love being involved in the recovery process and seeing peoples animals getting better. I like working at Alcombe as it is a great team to work with and everyone is so supportive.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597
Siobhan Fury

Siobhan Fury SVN Student Veterinary Nurse

Hello! My name's Siobhan and I joined the Alcombe Ealing team as a Student Veterinary Nurse in 2017. I moved to London from Singapore earlier in the year, where I lived for 20 years and worked as a Veterinary Assistant for 4 years.

Though it has taken some time to adjust (especially coming from tropical Asia!), I love living here and working with such a welcoming and compassionate team doing what I love - taking care of animals like this cute bun!

I have a weakness for big dogs and their goofy, loveable natures. I am sorely missing my family's loving Golden Retriever Holly back home in Singapore, but take solace in the fact that I was able to bring along my annoyingly vocal and drooly cat named Squeaker.

Ealing Surgery 020 8567 4597